12 Attractions in South Kuta Closed and Guarded

balangan beach closed

There are 12 attractions that get serious attention and guarded by officers, to anticipate the existence of tourists or residents who move. Head of South Kuta I Ketut Gede Arta explained that the closure of the tourist object followed the Governor's Circular Letter (SE) Number 730/7835 / BKD on March 30, 2020, concerning the extension of the temporary closure of the tourist attraction phase II. The South Kuta Sub-district officials along with the community took precautionary measures to anticipate the spread of Covid-19, by guarding the access to tourist attractions that were the center of the crowd or other public facilities.

"According to the SE, we limit the movement of tourists or people visiting tourist attractions. Whether it's in a tourist attraction that is managed by the community, institutions and government, and stop all operations until April 21, "said Gede Arta.

In his notes, in the South Kuta Subdistrict there are currently around 12 tourist objects that are closed to tourists and the public, namely DTW Uluwatu Temple, Suluban Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Dreamland Beach, Balangan Beach, Melasti Beach, Pandawa Beach, Muaya Beach, GWK, Waterblow, Jimbaran Beach coastal cafe, and Campuhan Mumbul baths. In the 12 attractions, there are some that are banned with banners.

"In addition to installing banners, our team also appealed to people who came to return home immediately. So, most have understood it, "said Gede Arta.

Besides in South Kuta, Kuta area, Kuta Beach is also a serious concern of the Kuta Traditional Village. According to the Bendesa Adat Kuta I Wayan Wasista, on Tuesday (31/3) the traditional villages put up banners at the entrance to the Kuta Beach area.

"For Kuta, especially in Kuta Beach, we have put up banned banners. In addition, the joint team will continue to monitor movements or tourist activity on Kuta Beach. There are no more people who sell there. Access is completely closed to the public, "said Wasista. 7 dar

Closing of Attractions Extends Until April 21 2020